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We do high conviction work that matters. There are few places more exciting to work than at the forefront of technological innovation and nowhere is this more important than in the field of sustainable technologies.


RIG seeks exceptional and driven individuals with a strong entrepreneurial streak who are excited by the challenge of working with venture companies and building a clearly differentiated firm perceived as being the best in its field. We look to hire and develop people with intellectual curiosity, a strong sense of purpose, imagination, tenacity, as well as a high degree of emotional intelligence. Like our client portfolio, our talent pool is diverse and international in composition and outlook.

RIG’s clients do not hire us to do easy jobs: they partner with us to tackle difficult, often existential, challenges, and working for aggressive, growth stage companies can be demanding. Failure often feeds eventual success and this cycle requires resilience. It is this pace and variety in our work that attracts bright and ambitious people to achieve their goals with us.


The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest opportunities.

Peter Diamandis

Work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt

Employee Proposition


RIG offers the opportunity to work on strategic and execution challenges facing some of the most promising technology companies in the sustainable technology ecosystem as well as the chance to reap the rewards that can come with successfully pioneering the adoption of new technology. We provide the experience of working closely with entrepreneurs and CEOs, private and institutional investors, and a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial actors to enable client success.


Work Culture


RIG comprises a group of diverse, high-calibre individuals who are motivated by high risk, high reward business. Working at pace in small teams, we emphasise quick development and high levels of responsibility from early on and expect senior team members to develop a high level of domain expertise through which they generate superior value for our clients and ourselves.


Talent and Development


RIG’s learning and development culture supports continuous development and promotes intellectual curiosity. This takes the form of:

  • An apprenticeship-based learning model with an emphasis on market and client-facing engagement from Day 1

  • A regular series of training events tied to core competencies and current client challenges

  • Monthly firmwide meetings to share key learnings

  • Sponsored attendance at industry events to support the development of industry knowledge and  personal networks

  • Company—sponsored external programmes for specific skill development

  • Annual off-site symposium in a European city

Given the distinctive nature of what we do and the high risk profile of our client base, stage-specific competence is developed internally over time. For this reason, RIG follows an apprenticeship model where juniors support the activities led by seniors and in return the seniors support and enable the development of the juniors. Senior team members are tasked with acting as role models and taking responsibility for mentoring our emerging talent. This approach to talent management has allowed the firm to develop and retain a deep well of expertise. RIG is a meritocratic firm. Seniority comes from success, not tenure.

While there is ample talent available to support companies at the growth stage once the business model has been proven, the ability to engineer market fit and early traction is a skillset that carries considerably more rarity value.

James Evangelou
Engagement Director, RIG